Established in 1999, Free Space Intent (FSI) is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. With a decade of experiences under our belt, we have worked with a large variety of private and corporate clients, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars/lounges, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces. Our aim is to provide distinctive, customized interiors while remaining sensitive to every client’s budget and time constraints.

It is our belief that the purest of beauty lies in the raw basics. We seek designs that speak of timeless elegance, defined grace and modern functionality. This down-to-earth approach is clearly marked by clean lines, muted shades and clever space planning to suit the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Celebrating the notion of going back to the bare essentials, FSI creates urban retreats that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the tired soul. Always an active hub of fresh designs, FSI plays along boundaries that are untouched by many, creating homes with a strong presence and personality.


Started in an ageing postwar rented flat in Beach Road, FSI was initially strongly influenced by graphic design. A natural affinity to retro style came along and these two forces combined to produce clean lines, muted shades and a funky playfulness that pays homage to retro style, which we were quickly recognized for.

In an age when Zen style design was in vogue, we stayed true to our philosophy and refused to allow ourselves to be pigeonholed in any particular style. We managed to hone our diversity by breaking free of established styles, through the use of bright colours and organic shapes, which soon came to be known as our signatures. Thus, ‘Free Space’ to us meant a sense of freedom that results in diverse, original design.


Our bold, adventurous take on design meant that in the industry, we began to be known as trendsetters with a series of innovative design gestures unique to the industry. For example, taking inspiration from Japanese architectural design, we started introducing minimalist design elements into interiors such as the cement screed surfaces into residential projects that while ahead of its time, steadily gained wide acceptance. Over time, we have also experimented with industrial style, introducing greenery into the interiors, as well as new interpretations of retro style. Our sheer diversity and eclectic variety of influences gained a refreshing niche following by looking at design from a different perspective.


As the demand from clients broadened, more homeowners sought for unique designs that broke away from rigid styles and reflected their lifestyles. Accordingly, our sense of design and aesthetics gained greater relevance among mainstream clients. While still retaining our sense of adventure and fun designs, we began to evolve by focusing more on simplicity of design and livability that catered to a wider range of clientele. This involved a greater appreciation of the subtleties of design that helped marry practicality and aesthetics, while keeping our projects cost effective in relation to the design goals. This broadening of our design base allowed us to bring creative and original designs to fruition with increasing versatility, providing our clients our unique interpretations of an eclectic group of design styles that caters to the individual. We particularly relish the challenge of taking on conventional ideas and expanding them – such as injecting use of modern, even futuristic furniture and forms into various design styles to give it an x-factor.



We enjoy creating original furnishings in a space, rather than simply filling it with ready-made things. Attention to detail is one of our strengths, and it is our firm belief through hundreds of projects that that is what separates us from other interior designers. In some projects, we have even gone to the lengths of designing tables and interior furniture from scratch in order to match style and flow of a particular space. Such effort is never spared while we try to come up with stylish, refined contemporary designs. A big part of what defines our spaces is our innovative use of materials – sometimes in non-conventional ways. We are adept in using glass, cement, mosaics in creative ways that produce unexpected results We strongly believe in customizing spaces for every clients, which involves arranging materials, custom-made furniture or even assisting our clients in furniture selection, in order to get every angle right.

FSI Today

Through our illustrious beginnings, we have managed to cement our place in the industry as bold trendsetters when it comes to our design achievements. Today, our design team aims to translate our clients’ free space with both clients’ and our intentions into practical designs that suits modern-style living. We prize our ability to generate a free flow of ideas for best suits every client, while seeing functionality and maintenance as our top concerns. As we see “intent” as our aim or purpose to be materialised in a course of action that we propose to follow, our good intentions have to be translated into design that infuses both personality and practicality. It is our firm belief that good design does not mean much if it does not complement the lifestyle of the client or fulfil basic needs. That said, a good design is one that marries creativity with reality and in so doing, creates a living space that is both elegant and practical.